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Abbreviations and terms

Term Note
ACP Algebra of communicating Processes
\(Alph\) Alphabet
BC Buffer Controller
BNF Backus-Naur Form [SLKU1995] pag.3
BPMN Business Process Model and Notation
CCS a Calculus of Communicating Systems
CSP Communicating Sequential Processes
CWB edinburgh Concurrency WorkBench
CWB-NC Concurrency WorkBench of the New Century
dhcp Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
eof End Of Life
FIFO First In First Out
MS Microsoft
LTE Labeled Transition System
LOTOS Language Of Temporal Ordering Specification
R.E. Regular Expression
SCCS Synchronous Calculus of Communicating Systems [MILN1989]
SOS Structural Operational Semantics [ACFV2005], [PLOT1981]
TCCS a Temporal Calculus of Communicating Systems
VM Virtual Machine