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The django-rstblog app

Of the rstblog project I have already spoken. What I didn't say, is that its core is made up of a Django app.

App that I decided to extrapolate and publish, using the name django-rstblog, to allow it to be used in other Django projects. This article describes it briefly and reports the links to use it.

The context

For those who do not have time to read the article on rstblog: the context which is dedicated the django-rstblog library is a site that manages a blog with hybrid architecture. The contents of the articles are published in files saved in the file system of the web server. While the attributes of the articles (eg author, title, creation date, category of membership, ...) are saved in a DB, from which the project software can extrapolate the informations of interest.

The functionalities of django-rstblog

In the aforesaid context, django-rstblog makes available the basic functionality for article management:

  • list of the most recent articles;
  • list of all the articles;
  • list of articles by category;
  • uploading an article;
  • reconstruction of the table of articles starting from the articles in the filesystem;
  • display of an article;
  • blog statistics: how many articles, languages ​​and categories are used.

To do this it implements the structure of the data base that is used for indexing articles.

django-rstblog supports the following markup languages:


I released version 0.1.1, which is available:

The related documentation is in Read the Docs.

Enjoy by ldfa.