Created on 27 Oct 2018 ;    Modified on 27 Oct 2018 ;    Translationitalian

The twine .pypirc file, on Windows

Using twine to load a project in PyPI, can be useful to use the .pypirc file. In Linux this file must be in the user's home directory, while in Windows ... too.

Then we must create the file C:\Users\user\.pypirc. Where user is the name of the user logged in Windows.

What is the purpose of .pypirc? The twine program uses it to read the user's name and password to use to upload the request distribution to the PyPI library.

Its content is as follow:

username = a_name
password = a_password

Pay attention to the fact that the password is recorded in plain text in the file.

A guide to organize the distribution of python projects is found at this link.