Created on 14 Jan 2018 ;    Modified on 09 Feb 2018 ;    Translationitalian

The flask_shuffle project

Here I am to advertise a new open source little web project that I have published these days.

Flask_shuffle is a simple web application showing a word taken at random from a pool of terms registered in its database.

What is its aim? The official purpose is to help learning words of a foreign language (English, never heard of?).

The unofficial aim is to assist in the initial exploration of a web development framework (Flask) that I had already noticed, but I also had set aside preferring Django due to a series of functionality that I find useful and that Flask does not support from start.

On the other hand I have to say that bringing a programmer to master Django is a rather demanding task. In my experience, it takes months. I wondered if Flask has a softer learning step. Hence the birth of flask_shuffle.

Answer. I developed flask_shuffle in a couple of days, starting (and adapting) from the Flask tutorial. So by adopting a minimal, but still effective, profile.

However. With this I have not completely solved my doubts. Because many of Flask's concepts (pattern MVC, templating, ...) are general and also adopted by Django. Being used to Django, I think having benefited from using Flask ...

If you want to take a look at the project, you can find it in github.