Created on 20 Sep 2016 ;    Modified on 29 Sep 2016 ;    Translationitalian

Project django-spese

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the sacred fire of the need to know how much money did you spent? And maybe even how did you spent it?

It happens to me at least once a year. And, apart the use of the obiquitous spreadsheed, sometimes I told myself that a little expenses recorder usable via WEB browser would not be too bad.

So I met django-expense , an open source application developed for the WEB Django framework. From this the idea to further simplify, ... and reinvent the wheel: et voila, here django-spese .

This is a very simple application (always for Django) to record expenses. And I emphasize record. For now you'll not find report functions. But it allows to record expenses for different users, and from different payment sources. In addition to classifying expenses by using a system of tags.

A minimum of complexity is introduced by the need to configure the environment to start working: it needs a superuser (which can also be the user) which records: authorized users, for each user what payment sources may be used, and what are the classification tags allowed for expenses.

If you wish, give a look to the project documentation, you can find it at readthedocs .