Created on 27 Nov 2012 ;    Modified on 29 Sep 2013 ;    Translationitalian

TiddlyWiki: cross-reference


In TiddlyWiki it is possible to cross-reference tiddlers present in different files, using the notation:


The need for encoding

But if the tiddler contains spaces, you must surround the reference with square brackets, like this:

file:///path/to/file.html#[[tiddler with spaces]].

In this case, using Firefox, there may be a problem with the use of brackets in the URL, obtaining a behaviour not consistent with what we expect.

To understand why this happens, we need to know the definition of URL allows the use of a limited number of characters. While the content of an HTML document can use the entire ASCII character set, or even Unicode. For this reason, in an HTML document, we must encode URLs. Where encode means to convert illegal characters present in the URL in their corresponding hexadecimal code.

The voice more -> permalink, located in the toolbar of the tiddler, exists for this purpose. In TiddlyWiki ver.2.6.6 and 2.6.5 used in Windows, permalink pops up in the browser the encoded URL, except square brackets, which must be hand-coded with the values %3B and %3D.

For example, with a simple 4 action task: click permalink (on the reffered tiddler), cut (from the browser address bar), paste (to the tiddler referring the target), and some litte editing (changing [ -> %3B and ] -> %3D) the previous reference becomes:


where the %20 was inserted by permalink, and %3B and %3D were inserted by us. Clicking this address, the browser will use: file :///path/to/file.html#[[tiddler with spaces]].

Reference to multiple tiddler (in the same file)

If you are using the notation:

[[file://path/to/file.html#tiddler with spaces]]

the browser will try to open the three tiddlers: tiddler, with and spaces from file file:///path/to/file.html.